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After You Move into Your New Apartment

Utility Connection

Once you have moved all your belongings into your new apartment, it is time to get everything connected and set up. You will want to start with getting your utilities connected. By clicking the “Utility Connection” tab, you will be brought to Madison Gas and Electric’s website. From there, you can start, stop, or transfer your services. If you require gas or electricity installation, you will need to fill out a New Service Installation application. You will also be able to see your average energy use and cost, decide your payment option, and even know if you are affected by a power outage, all from the “Utility Connection” tab.

Internet & Cable

Internet and cable are mandatory connections these days. Choose from AT&T or Spectrum. With S-Concierge via AT&T, put together a plan that tailors to what you want and works with your budget. S-Concierge will make sure that your internet is running correctly the day you move in. If you are looking for high-speed internet, cable, and landline service, choose Spectrum.

Furniture Rental with CORT

Whether you need furniture for your kitchen, dining room, living room, home office, bedroom or bathroom, or even outdoors, there are plenty of ways to rent quality furniture. Thanks to CORT, they make this process a breeze. Find a location near you, or view furniture rental options by category. CORT provides a Move-In Ready package where you pick the style you like, and their designers put together furniture sets for you. CORT-employed deliverers set it up, and you pay a monthly rate. Military members and students can enjoy discounted furniture packages baselining at ninety-nine dollars per month.

Address Change

Moving to a new place means a new address. That does not mean that changing yours has to be a pain. With the “Change Your Address” tab, you will be directed to the United States Postal Service website. With a quick scroll, you will find the “Official USPS Change of Address Tool.”. Click on Get Started and in five short steps; you will have your address officially changed. The form also allows users to change the address for an entire family or business too.

Parcel Pending

On the seventh floor of a secure location, residents have twenty-four-seven access to pick up their packages.

Register to Vote

To vote in a new community, one needs to register their new address. By clicking on the “Register to Vote” tab, users will be redirected to By entering your state or territory and clicking on “Find out how to register,” users will promptly be instructed on how to register so they can get out and vote like functioning members of society.

Transit Schedule

Use the “Transit Schedule” tab to not only look at a complete listing of Madison’s Metro Transit routes but also see holiday schedules, as well as youth passes for students enrolled in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Students attending the University of Wisconsin see the updated bus schedules when school is not in session. You can even plan your trip, track your bus, and be made aware of detours and road closures, thanks to the city of Madison’s Metro transit website.

Maintenance Request

Getting your apartment fixed has never been easier. Log in to your resident passport online, schedule an appointment, or talk to someone on the phone at 608.640.3834. Do not wait for problems to get worse. Attack it today, and rest assured that you chose the right place to reside.

Pay Rent

Are you still sending out checks to pay your rent? Mail can take days to arrive or end up at the wrong address. Use the Ovation 309 resident portal to pay your rent on time. With the protected portal, you never have to worry about your check falling into the wrong hands.


Not sure if you have had enough to read? Learn more at the Ovation FAQ tab. Learn where we are located, if you can take a tour, if off-street parking is available, and even if pets are allowed at Ovation 309. If you have a question, Ovation has an answer.

Social Network

Websites are great, but social media is the place to be. Follow Ovation 309 on Facebook and Instagram to see daily updates and events that the staff has planned. From lease renewal dates to resident activities such as Taco Tuesday and Pool Parties. Ovation 309 does not want to be the building you live in; they want to be the community of people that you call home.

Review Complex

Leave Ovation 309 a review on Google. What do you appreciate about Ovation 309? What can Ovation 309 do to serve our residents better? We want to hear from you!

About Ovation 309

When you reside at Ovation 309, you will walk into a world of genuine culture and strong character. Our community is the pinnacle of luxury living in Madison thanks to our exclusive amenities you can’t find anywhere else. With thirty eight original floor plans across thirteen floors, we have a wide variety of one bedroom, two bedroom, two bedroom with a den, and three bedroom apartments, so you’re sure to find a style that suits you.

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