What You Need to Know About the Wisconsin State Capitol Building

Construction for the Madison capitol building began in 1837. The building was made of locally sourced stone from Maple Bluff and oak trees from Madison’s Gilman Street.

Unfortunately, much of the building was damaged during the opens in a new window1904 Wisconsin State Capitol Fire (on February 27, 1904).

The Neoclassical and Beaux-Arts style Capitol building was built one wing at a time and designed by architect George B. Post. Completed in 1917, the five-floor, 13-acre building stands tall at 284-feet.

Regrettably, World War I delayed the dedication of the Capitol.

The dedication ceremony was held on July 7, 1965, by Governor Knowles, 48 years after its completion. The Capitol was named a National Historic Landmark in 2001, 35 years later.

Check out the opens in a new windowvirtual tour and then see the opens in a new windowCapitol for yourself; it’s only five blocks from here!

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