Indulge in relaxation and beauty!

Ovation 309 offers our community members a truly unique living experience. Personal services that help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle are just the beginning.  With two licensed massage therapists on site providing a variety of services such as massage, facials, body wraps and more, our residents enjoy our commitment to superior amenities.

Sabrina Bodden, Alita de la O, Dawn Zurawicz & Debi Whitaker

Massage Services

  • 30 Minute Stress Relieving Massage $50
  • 60 Minute Customized Relaxation or therapeutic $80
  • 90 Minute Customized Full Body
  • $105Hot Stone Therapy $125
    (Stones hand harvested from the Pacific Coast Rainforest are heated and used by the therapists to deliver heat and therapeutic benefits you’re your tight aching muscles.)
  • 60 Minute Reiki Session $70
    (This light touch energy technique is ideal for stress management and relaxation. A perfect way to calm your system down and leave the effects of a stressful day behind you.)

*Deep Tissue available at the clients request for an additional $15/session

Body Treatments

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Start with assessment, help reduce or prevent the appearance of your stomach, thigh, and gluteal cellulite. Deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage, and cellulite massage can be used with one another to help eliminate the cellulite in the problem areas. Apply cellulite cream at the ending of massage.

75 minutes $115

Dead Sea Salts Body Scrub

Remove superficial dead skin layers with high concentration of mineral salts with properties of revitalizing, analgesic and antiseptic. Soften the skin all over the body with hypoallergenic vitamin rich moisturizer.

60 minutes $85

Mud Body Wrap

Mud wraps provide detox of heavy metals and holistically teat rosacea, arthritis, psoriasis. Therapist applies muds with light effleurage to induce a relaxation and reflexive effects. After the body wrapping, customized nourish body lotions are applied.

60 minutes $85

Antioxidant Body Wrap

A luxurious body treatment utilizing the powerful antioxidant and exfoliating properties of the grapes. It hydrates deeply and minimizes age spots due to over exposure to the sun.

60 minutes $85

Customized Facial

Esthetician will customize the facial to overcome specific conditions such as fine lines, sun damage, acne, rosacea and sensitive skin issues. Design a treatment series exclusively for you that will rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Facial includes head, shoulder, foot massage and application of cleansing, enzyme or chemical exfoliation, appropriate mask and peptide containing serum to give a healthy looking skin.

60 minutes $87

Body Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal – Lip and chin

Changes in hormone production often cause unwanted hairs on the chin and lips on women. Waxing give a clean look!

20 minutes $28

Facial Hair Removal – eyebrows

Eyebrow wax will open the entire eye area to create a well-groomed frame for the face.

20 minutes $17

Body Hair Removal – Underarms

Underarm waxing helps maintain hygiene especially in the summer.

20 minutes $26

Body Hair Removal – Full legs

45 minutes $60

Body Hair Removal – Half legs

Softer and finer body hair, after waxing the new hair that grows back will be soft and fine.

35 minutes $40

Body Hair Removal – Back Wax for Gentlemen

Smooth, Silky Skin that Lasts – Waxing removes hair from the root, so it takes a longer time for hair to grow again- anywhere from 3-4 weeks, depending on the individual speed of hair growth. After repeated sessions of waxing, you will notice a much sparser hair growth, and hair growth may even stop eventually. In contrast, shaving stimulates hair growth, because it removes hair at the surface only.

45 minutes $55

Body Hair Removal – Brazilian Wax

The entire bikini area is waxed.

45 minutes $65

Body Hair Removal – French Bikini Wax

Removed unwanted hair in the bikini area and buttocks area near the bikini line.

30 minutes $50